Do you want to lose weight, look younger, enjoy more energy and vitality, and feel more attractive?We have customized weight loss options to create a step-by-step plan to fit your schedule and individual needs. Whether it is appetite suppressants, injections, detoxification, or nutrition and health guidelines, we have a plan that will work to achieve your weight loss goals and find the new you.

All of our weight loss options include:

  • Supervised care by a physician
  • Complete blood work analysis
  • Body scan – BMI, body fat, caloric intake
  • Thyroid assessment
  • Weekly progress evaluation and food journal review
  • Healthy weight loss grocery guide

Maximize your results with:

  • Detoxification to increase metabolism and improve health
  • Injections to aid in fat burning and boost energy
  • Wellness supplements to assist a healthy diet
  • Nutritional IVs to rejuvenate your body
  • Body Wraps – lose 6-12 inches with your first wrap

Our weight loss plans emphasize individual needs and each person is given a program that is based on their weight loss goals, current lifestyle, current medical issues and other factors unique to that individual. This comprehensive approach will help each participant learn long-term weight management and improve overall health.

Let us help find the new you and begin your new life!